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The sudden appearance of cracks in your walls or floors could be the result of a sinkhole. However, it may not be readily apparent. Three types of sinkholes exist — two of which develop gradually, are typically smaller, and happen over a longer period of time.

When you think of a sinkhole, a cover collapse sinkhole probably comes to mind. They develop abruptly, often within a few hours, can be very large, and cause catastrophic damage.

Cover subsidence sinkholes and solution sinkholes develop gradually, often slowly, and are generally smaller in size. As the ground softens, your home or foundation begins to sink and can form cracks in cement block, brick walls, or concrete floors.

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Has your home or business developed cracks in the walls or foundation? Have windows or doors suddenly been hard to open or not opening at all? Did window glass suddenly break? You may have a sinkhole. Contact our sinkhole damage lawyers for help with an insurance claim today.

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Your homeowners insurance policy in Florida covers loss from sinkholes. Upon filing a claim, your insurance company often orders an inspection of your home by an engineer. The inspection process usually involves taking boring samples of the soil, either by hand or sometimes by larger auger machines that dig deeper underground. Despite the process, the results are often the same: Your claim is denied because the tests show that your home is “settling.” They may claim that the settling is due to organic matter or composition of the soil, or that the cracks are a result of other causes — including expansion and shrinkage due to cold and warm weather cycles.

Has your sinkhole insurance claim been denied? Remember that an insurance company is just that — a company. They want to profit. The less money they pay out is more profit for the company. The insurance adjuster and the engineer work for, or are hired by, your insurance company.

Sinkhole claim cases can be complicated. Your claim may be underpaid. The insurance company may offer low-cost solutions that many not offer long-term stabilization of the area or prevent reoccurrence of the sinkhole.

Or they simply said “no.”

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There are no upfront costs to you. Your insurance company may be forced to pay all of your attorneys’ fees and court costs. Call us today for a free evaluation of your claim.

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Get Help with Sinkhole Insurance Claims

If you need insurance legal advice regarding a sinkhole claim or denial, contact our Florida insurance dispute attorneys for a free case evaluation.

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