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Has your home been damaged by wind, hail, fire, or water? Has your homeowners insurance company denied your claim, delayed your payments, or made an offer below your understanding of what the policy covers?

Our legal team's insurance attorneys have the experience and dedication to uphold your rights in seeking a fair and just homeowner’s insurance claim settlement. 

An insurance claim can be challenging, both personally and financially, and great care should be taken to protect your property — and the health and lives of those you share it with. Allow us to minimize the stress of your insurance dispute and endeavor to maximize your recovery.

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If you need insurance legal advice regarding a homeowners insurance claim or denial, contact the Florida Insurance Dispute Attorneys at GZ Legal Team for a free case evaluation.

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Attorneys at the GZ Legal Team excel in preparing your case through detailed investigation, meticulous documentation and a thorough understanding of the state statutes, case laws and insurance policy language. We have a longstanding reputation for successfully disputing many types of claims, including:

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There are no upfront costs to you. Your insurance company may be forced to pay all of your attorneys’ fees and court costs. Call us today for a free evaluation of your claim.

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Hurricane Damage Insurance Claims

Was your damage caused by a hurricane or a flood? Flood damage is covered by a separate, specific policy and typically not included as part of your homeowners policy. All too often we see claim denials where the insurance company states that damages resulted from flooding during a hurricane. Proving the cause of damage alone can be challenging. Imagine how many other claims your insurance company has after a severe storm. Learn more about how we can help with your hurricane damage claim.

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Wind & Hail Insurance Claims

Damage from wind storms, tornadoes, and hail can range from minor to catastrophic. While a wind storm or a tornado may cause obvious damage to your home, hail damage to a roof can fool even the most-seasoned contractor or insurance adjuster into thinking nothing is wrong and denying your claim. Learn how our attorneys can challenge denied or underpaid wind and hail damage insurance claims — seeking the maximum benefit as outlined in your policy.

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Mold Damage Insurance Claims

Mold is a leading contributor to many health-related issues. Finding mold is typically a sign of other damages in your home or business — a roof leak, pipe break, or other plumbing damage. If you discover mold, or have an active mold damage insurance claim, GZ Legal Team can help. With mold, it’s important to act quickly to protect your property, and most importantly, your health. Learn more about lawyers for mold damage insurance claims.

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Water Damage Insurance Claims

Your idea of water damage and your insurance company’s definition of water damage may be very different. And the language used to explain the source of damage to your home or business can determine whether your water damage insurance claim is denied or settled. If water comes through your roof or a supply line, then your homeowners policy will most-likely cover it. How long you’ve had water entry and the steps you took to prevent further loss are important to the claims process. Learn how we can help you with a water damage insurance claim.

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Plumbing Leak Insurance Claims

Did your pipe break? We see our share of plumbing leak insurance claim denials. Your insurance adjuster might have noted that your home is older or needs some repair, then deny your claim based on pipes that were not maintained or on a leak that was not sudden and accidental. Seeking a fair and just settlement to your plumbing leak claim hinges on the type of policy you have, how the language of the policy is interpreted, and the type of leak that caused the damage. Let our experience in plumbing leak insurance claims work for you.

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Lightning Strike Damage Insurance Claim

Most homeowners insurance policies cover damage for certain types of lightning strikes. Some types of lightning strikes are more difficult to prove and can often ruin sensitive appliances and electronics or cause damage to wiring inside the walls. Your policy may cover damages to personal property as an actual cash value — which is replacement cost minus depreciation. If you suspect or have damage from a lightning strike, and your claim was denied or the insurance adjuster’s estimate falls short, contact our attorneys for help with your claim today.

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Fire Damage Insurance Claims

For many, a home is the single largest investment one will make. Fire can take a devastating toll on you, your family, and your property. You may have to find temporary shelter or have lost irreplaceable items of great sentimental value. And while policies don’t cover memories, we want to help you get your life back to normal. What should you do after a fire? Learn more about fire insurance claims, your policy details, and the benefits you are entitled to.

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Sinkhole Insurance Claim

Sinkholes, depending on the language of your insurance policy, can also be referred to as a catastrophic ground collapse. The language in your policy and the interpretation of that language can mean the difference between a fair and just settlement or a claim denial. Florida is home to the highest rate of sinkholes in the nation. And the claim process can be complex, involving your insurance adjuster, engineers, geologists, and mediation or legal action. Learn how we can fight for your property when dealing with sinkhole damage.

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Central Florida Homeowners Insurance Attorneys

The attorneys at GZ Legal Team have experience in evaluating insurance policies and their coverage, limits, and exclusions. We’re also versed in how insurance companies approach claims, often denying or minimizing payments to maximize profits at your expense.

We provide personalized attention and service to Florida homeowners and businesses, offering our clients a detailed and straightforward evaluation of your insurance claim dispute. We’ll review legal approaches and provide an outlook on the probability of success of your case, without any financial risk to you, the policy holder.­


No Fees Unless We Win.
With our contingency fee structure, you pay nothing unless your case is successful. And, in many cases, your insurance company may be forced to pay all of your attorneys’ fees and court costs, leaving all recovered money available to put your home and life back to normal.

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If you need insurance legal advice regarding an insurance claim or denial, contact our Florida insurance dispute attorneys for a free case evaluation.

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