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Damaged cargo and theft of freight is all too common with the high level of overland trucking and shipping in today’s world. For many, a loss of cargo can be a vital blow to the cost of doing business. A single shipment could mean thousands or millions of dollars that affect your bottom line — and the difference between filing for bankruptcy or the ability to continue operating. If your cargo insurance claim has been undervalued or denied, or you need to file a bad faith claim against your insurance carrier, we can help.

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If you need legal advice regarding an insurance claim or denial, contact our Florida cargo and freight Attorneys for a free case evaluation.

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Florida Cargo Trailer Freight Claims

As a commercial freight or overland trucking company, you take on a high risk by accepting responsibility for goods you transport until delivery. You purchase cargo liability and freight insurance to protect against theft or damage of the freight during transit. And if you incur loss during the trip, your insurance should cover the full value of the damaged or lost cargo. Sometimes, though, the insurance company will not pay a claim in full or refuses to pay at all — leaving you with the option of paying for the loss yourself or seeking legal help for a cargo insurance bad faith case.

Cargo and Freight Loss Claim Disputes

Insurance bad faith cases surrounding freight and cargo claims can be complex and demanding — often revealing an array of legal issues. You may be faced with a transportation contract dispute in addition to insurance claim forms or non-delivery claims involving the cargo insurance company and a commercial shipper, broker, or carrier.

We Help With the Following Types of Freight Claims

  • Carrier Liability vs. Freight Insurance: There is a difference in the timing and proof of negligence, depending on how the goods in transit are covered
  • Damage: When freight arrives at the destination visibly damaged
  • Cargo Loss: When freight is documented as picked up at the origin, but never delivered to the final destination as outlined on the bill of lading
  • Shortage: When only part of the cargo is delivered
  • Concealed Damage or Shortage: When the damage or loss is hard to see upon arrival, such as opening a box or pulling back shrink wrap after delivery to see something is damaged or missing


No Fees Unless We Win.
With our contingency fee structure, you pay nothing unless your case is successful. And, in many cases, your insurance company may be forced to pay all of your attorneys’ fees and court costs, leaving all recovered money available to put your home and life back to normal.

No Fees Unless We Win.
There are no upfront costs to you. Your insurance company may be forced to pay all of your attorneys’ fees and court costs. Call us today for a free evaluation of your claim.

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Get Help with Cargo & Freight Insurance Claims

If you need insurance legal advice regarding goods in transit insurance claim or denial, contact our Florida insurance dispute attorneys for a free case evaluation.

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