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Aviation Insurance Claims

Your aviation insurance may cover loss or damage to an aircraft, its contents, and liability for injury or death to passengers. It may also include liability to products and the airport. In some claims, the insurance company may deny or undervalue covered losses, creating a complicated dispute that involves different regulations and governance over various jurisdictions.

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If you need insurance legal advice regarding an airplane insurance claim or denial, contact the our Florida Insurance Dispute Attorneys for a free case evaluation.

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If your aircraft sustains damage, due to a weather event, hard landing, vandalism, or other event, your insurance policy may provide coverage for your losses. Our attorneys can make sure you receive all the benefits due under your policy. We conduct a thorough examination of your policy to make sure your insurance carrier provides the coverage that you have paid for.

If you are sued as a result of an incident involving the aircraft, your aviation insurance carrier typically has an obligation to defend the named insured by selecting a lawyer for your defense, determining how much money to spend on the defense and whether to settle the lawsuit against you. If your insurer does not provide coverage or defense, you may need to hire your own attorney to recover losses and protect your affairs.

How Do I File an Aircraft Insurance Claim?

If you have an accident or have suffered a covered loss to your aircraft, you should immediately notify your insurance company and include the following information:

  • The location and time of the accident
  • A description of the damages to the aircraft, property, and any injuries sustained
  • A request that the insurance company acknowledge receipt of your claim
  • A request to affirm that the policy covers the claim
  • A request to provide a defense for you

You should not assign fault to any party involved in the incident. After filing a claim, the insurance company may provide coverage for the incident and a defense, but reserve the right to later refuse to defend you and deny coverage.

Why Was My Aviation Insurance Claim Denied?

Unapproved Aircraft Activity

If you purchased the wrong coverage for the intended purpose of the aircraft, your claim could be denied. For example, if you secure Pleasure & Business coverage for your aircraft (commonly referred to as “P&B” for personal transportation), but use it for other reasons, such as aerial photography or flight instruction.

Insurance Application Inaccuracies

This involves circumstances such as claiming hours in an aircraft that don’t align with your log book, a “home base” that isn’t where you really keep the aircraft, or leaving out a previous claim, accident, or DUI when applying for coverage.

Airplane is Out of Annual Inspection

If you have an accident and your craft is days or months out of its annual inspection, it may be grounds for denial. It also depends on the circumstances of the loss and the type of claim.

Pilot Biennial Flight Review

If your policy or carrier requires that you maintain a biennial flight review (BFR) or BasicMed and you have not kept it up, it may be grounds for denial of a claim.

Open Pilot Warranty

If you let anyone other than those named on your policy operate your airplane, you could be denied should a loss occur.


No Fees Unless We Win.
With our contingency fee structure, you pay nothing unless your case is successful. And, in many cases, your insurance company may be forced to pay all of your attorneys’ fees and court costs, leaving all recovered money available to put your home and life back to normal.

No Fees Unless We Win.
There are no upfront costs to you. Your insurance company may be forced to pay all of your attorneys’ fees and court costs. Call us today for a free evaluation of your claim.

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Get Help with Aircraft Insurance Claims

If you need insurance legal advice regarding an aviation insurance claim or denial, contact our Florida insurance dispute attorneys for a free case evaluation.

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