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Insurance Disputes

As a policyholder, you pay insurance premiums with an expectation that the insurance company will honor the terms of the policy should you submit a legitimate claim. However, some insurance companies may deny your claim by invoking ambiguous policy language or without just cause. For some, this is a common practice — denying claims despite the validity — and not investigating the claim further unless you choose to take legal action.

Claim Denied?

If your insurance claim was denied, or you believe that you have been underpaid by your insurance company, the Orlando insurance claim attorneys at GZ Legal Team can provide representation for individuals and businesses to fight for a fair and just settlement.

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Insurance companies produce higher profits when claims are not filed or when you, the policyholder, fails to collect. This may explain, in part, why we find many policyholders that are offered or paid a settlement well below the full benefit value owed under their policy. Your insurance company has the resources to protect their interests, as well as the knowledge to interpret policy language in their favor to minimize payout or outright deny claims.

No Fees Unless We Win.
There are no upfront costs to you. Your insurance company may be forced to pay all of your attorneys’ fees and court costs. Call us today for a free evaluation of your claim.

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Types of Insurance Claim Disputes

Homeowners Insurance Claims & Disputes

Our dedicated attorneys help you settle a wide range of insurance claim disputes — from fire, water, and plumbing claims to hurricane, wind, or hail damages. If you have an existing damage claim, or even if the insurance company said “no,” we may be able to help.

Homeowners Claim Types

Business Property and Loss Insurance Disputes

If your insurance claim — relating to property damage or business loss — has been denied or undervalued, get the help you need. Our business property and loss attorneys have a single-minded approach: Fight for your life’s work and recover a fair and just settlement.

Business Insurance Claims

Cargo Damage and Freight Loss Insurance Claims

Whether you are a commercial carrier, freight transporter, or business strained by the loss of high-value goods, our cargo insurance lawyers can navigate the complexities of freight and shipping claim disputes and fight to recover compensation.

Freight and Cargo Loss

Auto Damage Claims

If you have an insurance claim dispute as a result of an auto accident, regardless of who is at fault, help is only a call away. From liability coverage to medical payments coverage and more, our attorneys fight to help you recover the insurance benefits you are entitled to.

Auto Insurance Disputes

Boat Insurance Disputes

Loss to a boat or personal watercraft can present unique claim challenges when dealing with an insurance company. If you’ve been denied coverage or have a claim involving damages to another boat, property, or person, our attorneys are ready to help.

Marine Insurance Claims

Aviation Insurance Disputes

Whether a lawsuit from an incident or damage to an aircraft, your insurance company has an obligation to provide coverage as outlined in your policy. If you believe your aviation claim is undervalued or being handled unfairly, it's time to get help.

Aircraft & Aviation Claims

Why are Insurance Claims Denied?

Insurance policies can be complex, with language that is often left for interpretation — an opportunity for your insurance company to minimize or deny your legitimate claim.

When your claim is denied or undervalued, they may declare one or more of the following:

  • An exclusion in your policy for the loss
  • The loss or damages are misrepresented by you, questionable or false
  • The loss is valued below the amount of your deductible
  • The insurance company’s adjuster, or their “independent expert,” has determined that a loss is not covered or is excluded
  • You did not file the claim in a timely manner
  • You did not pay your premiums on time
  • Insufficient documentation of the loss
  • You did not protect the property from further damage after a loss


No Fees Unless We Win.
With our contingency fee structure, you pay nothing unless your case is successful. And, in many cases, your insurance company may be forced to pay all of your attorneys’ fees and court costs, leaving all recovered money available to put your home and life back to normal.

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Get Help with Property Insurance Claims

If you need insurance legal advice regarding an insurance claim or denial, contact our Florida Insurance Dispute Attorneys for a free case evaluation.

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