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A home is most likely the largest financial investment you will make in a lifetime.

To lose a home by foreclosure can have devastating effects on your family as well as your finances and credit rating. If the bank is foreclosing on your home, it’s not too late. We have successfully fought to save the homes of many and may be able to do the same for you. Don’t lose your home, contact us to discover your options, and for quick action that may avoid foreclosure.

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If you need legal advice regarding a mortgage default, contact our Florida foreclosure attorneys for a free case evaluation.

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Mortgage Foreclosure Defense

You may have missed payments or your lender served you with a lawsuit—there may still be a way to defend the foreclosure. Our common goal is to resolve your dispute with your best interest at hand, using strategies that include audits and research, negotiation and mediation. Our mortgage foreclosure lawyers will review every aspect of your case in an effort to build a defense and seek a better alternative to a final judgment of foreclosure:

  • We put YOU first: we get to know you and your circumstances.
  • We Review: we examine all mortgage documentation, the note and bank disclosures
  • We Act: we respond to the lawsuit, then employ a number of strategies to fight for additional time to see though a more beneficial resolution for you, the homeowner.

What are some alternatives to foreclosure?

Depending on your unique situation, we may be able to pursue a number of options:

  • Defend a Foreclosure: our review scrutinizes the lender for truth in lending disclosures, violations of federal or state law, predatory lending practices, fraud and breach of contract; we can arrange to audit the lender’s accounting procedures and policies; also, we discover if the plaintiff owns and has possession of the mortgage or promissory note.
  • Mortgage Workout: As an alternative to foreclosure, we may be able to negotiate with your lender or bank to modify the loan or create a payment plan.
  • Short Sale: we work with your lender to accept the proceeds from the sale of the home for less than what is owed.
  • Deed in lieu of Sale: this is a voluntary, good faith transaction that is more advantageous to both the lender and the borrower that typically releases you from the debt without a public foreclosure proceeding. We help with these negotiations to assure you receive the best outcome possible.

What should I know about a mortgage foreclosure?

Here are a few things to consider if you are facing a bank foreclosure:

  • Respond: If you have been served a foreclosure lawsuit, you have 20 days from receipt to file a response; if you do not respond a default may be entered against you. If a default has been entered or if you are days away from foreclosure, we may still be able to help
  • Selling Your Home: Ambitious real estate agents may start calling to offer help in selling your home or negotiate a short sale on your behalf. It might seem like a good option for the short term, but how is an impending foreclosure going to impact your decisions? There may be a better solution.
  • Refinance: Aside from new rates, adjustable rates, balloon payments, broker fees and closing costs, will a refinance even close and fund before the bank sale? Don’t lose the house waiting for the refinance that never comes.
  • Investors: Investors offering to help you avoid foreclosure most likely have one person in mind. And it’s not you.
  • “Working” with the Lender: Filling out worksheets or applications and “working” with your mortgage company representative doesn’t stop the foreclosure. Don’t lose your home waiting for them to do something to help you.
  • Bankruptcy: Depending on your circumstances, bankruptcy may be an option—but it’s best to discuss this with our bankruptcy attorneys at least two weeks prior to the bank sale. The type of bankruptcy and the approach to foreclosure can have significant legal, financial, tax and credit implications.
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If you are facing a bank foreclosure on your home, look to a Central Florida attorney who can aggressively represent you — and isn't afraid of taking on the bank. Call us today for a free case evaluation.

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If you need legal advice regarding alternatives to foreclosure or steadfast representation in a foreclosure lawsuit, contact our Florida civil law attorneys for a free case evaluation.

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